Sewa International

Sewa International began as a movement  in 1993 to engage the  Indian Diaspora(NRI) worldwide. It encouraged these people to remain connected with Indian roots through contribution to humanitarian causes locally and in India, especially in times of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, cyclones, tsunamis, pandemics etc, which cause large scale distress, and needs huge resources for recovery. The movement has spread its wings worldwide to more than 25 countries now.

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Child Sponsorship

No child should be deprived of education due to lack of funds. A financially-challenged child with the relevant ability and aspiration should complete school education.

Sponsor a Child, a program run by Sewa International, provides financial support to a child to complete the school education. The sponsorship program is meant for the school students from class 1 to 12 who are unable to bear the cost of education due to personal/family crisis or any other financial problems and are at a risk of dropping out of school.

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Three steps to apply for sponsorship

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Change a Life

annadānaṃ paraṃ dānaṃ vidyādānamataḥ param ।
annena kṣaṇikā tṛptiryāvajjīvaṃ ca vidyayā ॥
The offering of food is great; the offering of education is even greater. While food satisfies only momentarily, education satisfies during the entire course of life.

By sponsoring the education of a child, you have the incredible opportunity to make a direct and lasting impact on the life of a child in need. As a valued donor, your support goes beyond financial assistance – it provides a pathway for a child to access quality education, essential resources, and a brighter future.
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