About Sponsor a Child

Education is a weapon to improve one’s life. Governments across nation, esp. developing countries, are investing more than ever before on educating their citizens, to fight poverty, improve health, bring equality and make them to compete in the global workforce.

Education always had persistent issues such as infrastructure, access, continuity, learning gaps, non-availability of schools/teachers and so on. Among these issues, school dropouts is one of the important issues. A recent survey by National Statistical Office (NSO) has revealed that around 12.6% of students drop out of school in India, 19.8% discontinued education at the secondary level, while 17.5% dropped out at the upper primary level. Financial challenges that arise due to sudden  death of bread winner, terminal illness of a parent, job loss, major health care expense in a family are at a risk of dropping out of school.
Sponsor a Child, a program run by Sewa International, provides financial support to a child to complete the school education. The sponsorship program is meant for the school students from class 1 to 12 who are unable to bear the cost of education due to personal/family crisis or any other financial problems and are at a risk of dropping out of school.

Sponsor a Child provides financial assistance to the underprivileged students to complete their school education. Students can register and apply for financial assistance. Philanthropists, CSR and kind hearted donors select the children to be supported. Ever since its inception, Sponsor a Child has supported over 10,000 children.

Vision - Mission - Values

 Vision Mission Values
Educate the under served to build a better world Identify and support needy beneficiaries Trust
Partner with like minded individuals and organizations Transparency
 Focus on the holistic development of children Transform